Land Use

Andrea believes that Milton supports a conservative comprehensive land that values single family homes. If elected, Andrea will fight against the Fulton County sewer expansion and preserve our equestrian community roots.

Parks and Recreation

Andrea believes that investing in Milton parks will separate us from our neighbors. She wants to increase the trail connectivity so people can be active with biking and running closer to their homes.

Special Events

Andrea believes that events make Milton special. She will strategically create public/private partnerships that allow people to enjoy our community while respecting the quiet community we love.

Growing Small Business

As a female small business owner, Andrea knows firsthand the pedigree that Milton has to offer. Andrea would like to create an ease of doing business in our community and help attract/promote/support the small business owners so they never seek another community out of necessity.

Keep Taxes Low

Andrea believes that there are tax savings opportunities within Milton to help residents keep their hard-earned money.